… and towards the within. A neighboring dimension, directly adjacent to our own waking reality and resident to each of our minds. In our nightly journeys while asleep, the Nightmare vistas of humanity nestle tightly against the Dreamscapes of our collective imaginations.

What if that place where real, tangible, corporeal? That dark, fluid space we share to dream within. Perhaps it is. Perhaps it is the very thing that finds sudden life in every work of art. Every painting, every sculpture, every script, every film.

And what if that reality started to collate and coalesce under some nascent intelligent consciousness… fleeting, ephemeral concepts becoming solidified as leathery tendrils, each groping finger reaching out through the astral realm of our imagination, simultaneously driven to tether itself together from the constituent elements of humanity’s fictional works?

Pscion: Our exciting new characters within the Necroverse that possess remarkable powers. Coming soon!