Welcome to Alchemy Studios

CEO Glenn Hetrick has evolved his Optic Nerve Fx Inc. into a new, even more dynamic and comprehensive version of the traditional Fx Lab in order to meet the sophisticated demands of his client base in the ever-changing landscape of modern cinematic art. In addition to Prosthetics we are now Focusing on cutting edge technological advances in Materials, Digital Concept Design, 3D Printing, Specialty “Superhero” Suits, Props and VFX/CGI Post Production Integration …the possibilities are literally limitless, allowing us to provide a fully synthesized experience for all your production needs.

Propelled by an unrivaled Passion for our work, The Alchemy Team consists of a roster of the industry’s top tier talent: a combination of sculptors, painters, fabricator and technician who are constantly pioneering new techniques, allowing us to constantly push the very boundaries of three-dimensional art to new limits.

Drawing from years of knowledge gained on productions filmed here and on location around the world, our expert staff is ready to bring your vision to life. Our body of work encompasses a broad range of projects; music videos, commercials, live Vegas events and global concert tours. From more than 35 seasons of tightly scheduled episodic television series to major studio blockbusters. This diverse background has afforded our crew an invaluable understanding of the mechanics of cinematic art at every level of production.

From early development concept work through the completion of post-production, we provide a complete range of high-quality special effects services including prosthetic make-up appliances, animatronic puppets, full body creature and alien suits, hyper-realistic silicone body replicas, armor, specialty costuming, props, and just about anything else that you can imagine!